About us

Brady Wisehart

First Follower & Co-Founder of The Jesus Life Ministries

Brady is first a follower of Jesus, who also happens to be husband to Carrie, father to Kayden, and caretaker to Rayah the dog.  While many people today think Christianity is an outdated religion, Brady loves helping people discover that Jesus is not outdated nor is Jesus about religion.  He’s passionate about helping people live in real-life relationship with Jesus.  Brady’s life calling is to invite people to come obey Jesus with him and help others do the same. 

Over the last few decades Brady has served as a noted conference speaker, disciple making movement leader, and local church Pastor.    Brady currently serves as the Executive Director of The Jesus Life Ministries.   But what you really need to know is… Brady is not that important and not very impressive, but JESUS truly is!

Carrie Wisehart

Chief Joy Chooser & Co-Founder of The Jesus Life Ministries

Carrie absolutely loves adventure and living the John 10:10 best life ever — which is exactly what The Jesus Life is all about! She is passionate about transparency and vulnerability, embracing the beauty in our brokenness. Choosing joy means we can’t always choose what happens to us, but we CAN choose how we respond. Carrie believes that every day is the best day ever because we CHOOSE Jesus FIRST.

A high school teacher, author, speaker, and worship leader, Carrie’s 22 years in the English classroom and 24 total years as an educator continue to ignite her love for learning and for people. She currently serves as the Associate Principal of DeKalb High School in Waterloo, Indiana, and serves alongside her husband at The Jesus Life Ministries.

Kayden Wisehart

Passionate Worshipper & Creativity Architect at The Jesus Life Ministries

Kayden oozes creativity and spends her time writing songs, bullet journaling, and inviting everyone she knows to coffee. She is passionate about worship and knowing Jesus more — both personally and with her friends. Kayden has been known to paint Bob Ross style with frosting and enjoys thrift shopping and design. Her creativity is entirely God inspired and she uses it to glorify Him.

Rayah (The Dog)

Loyal Friend of The Jesus Life Ministries

Rayah (The Dog), whose name is Hebrew for “friend”, lives up to her name.  Rayah loves bringing all 65 lbs of her labradoodle energy up close and personal and knows how to lick and snuggle any intruder into submission.  While we believe Rayah is one of Jesus’ amazing creations we have had to limit her ministry availability because her idea of a “speaking opportunity” is very different than ours.  However, her outreach to squirrels appears to be uncontainable.  

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