Daily commitment to Jesus is the ONLY answer!

Daily commitment to Jesus is the ONLY answer!

Spending time with Jesus is a lifestyle choice — and daily time with Him is my ONLY means of surviving my day. When we make JESUS our priority, we are obeying His command to love HIm MORE than anything else in our lives.

Recently, I created an opportunity for our friends on social media to commit and increase that time with Jesus for 30 days — not with the intent to JUST do it for 30 days, but to intentionally commit to that habit of spending daily time with Jesus EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This challenge was called Most/Best — Loving Jesus MOST so we can love others BEST. This commitment included the daily model for time with Jesus that we use at The Jesus Life Ministries called Discipled By Jesus.

Linked at the bottom of this post is a 13 page resource that can help you kickstart your daily time with Jesus. It has everything you need to spend the hour including resources, instructions, and tips for finding an accountability partner. There are also specific scriptures for the 30 days – as well as worship songs you can listen to during your time. Download the pdf packet below and utilize the step by step instructions to begin every day with Jesus!

Jesus is beckoning. He wants MORE — and there is so much blessing depending on Him DAILY. You won’t regret stepping into this opportunity and committing to a lifestyle of spending daily time with Jesus. Download the packet and read it over — grab a partner and do this together. It is LIFE CHANGING.

Here are some testimonies from those who participated in our original 30 day commitment:

God has taught me that I need to sit in silence before Him and just focus on how good He is. I need to give all of the glory to Him and allow my life to point to Him, not myself.

My biggest takeaway was the most time I spent with Jesus, one hour wasn’t enough. I wanted to spend more time with Him.

Too many times I have had excuses for time constraints. This month has taught me that I can consistently spend time with Jesus EVERY day.

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